National Bat Monitoring Programme Annual Report for 2011

The National Bat Monitoring Programme Annual Report for 2011 has just been published and is available online at The report pages present the latest bat species population trends from this long running programme, which is a partnership between BCT, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Countryside Council for Wales and Defra.

At present sufficient data are collected by the programme to produce population trends for 11 of the UK’s 17 resident bat species. In 2011, five of these species showed statistically significant increases in at least one survey, while the remaining species are considered to have more stable trends.

Whilst these are positive results, it should be taken into account that these trends reflect what has happened to bat populations since the start of the programme in 1997 and it is likely that prior to this, in the second half of the twentieth century, there were significant historical declines in bat populations.

In the report you will find a results page for each species including the following information:

•    General information on the species including distribution and abundance, and legal and conservation status
•    Information on the surveys that provide data for that species
•    Graphs showing the trends calculated from each survey
•    The population trends for the UK and information at country or regional level where data are available.

You can also find pages giving background information on survey coverage and analysis methods, and information on additional species for which we have started collecting data in recent years.

Looking forward we will continue to build on the NBMP’s strong foundation of reporting on population change. In particular a future aim of the NBMP is to develop a better understanding of the factors affecting bat populations. We will also be working to improve survey coverage with the aim of increasing our ability to report on changes at different geographical scales.

Click here to view the report.